A Welcoming Place

6:00 min

"A Welcoming Place" is an action choreographed by a love letter stitched from recorded conversations with various generations and perspectives of self-identifying black women living in Bentonville or Fayetteville, Arkansas. While the focus of these conversations are on the confederate statue–the desire for freedom to be without fear and obstruction revealed itself as the common denominator. Singularity and multiplicity as well as fragility and firmness negotiate metaphorically and physically through the use of a weather balloon to block the view of the statue. Using video provides moments of reprieve from what is a symbol of a history that is not a part of OUR history. "A Welcoming Place" is a meditative testimony of multiple voices speaking for and around a singular action in protest of an oppressive narrative. 

The Air I Hold

6:00 min

What happens to dreams of flight when the air I breath doesn’t give to heights? \ Playing with aeronautics unconcerned with equipment protocol \ Trading places with what it means to be a weather balloon \ As a child I could breath deeper, chest towards the sky \ Prepare strength in places that would not, could not carry me \ Breathing is harder to catch when air escapes me \ The skin grows thin, expanding, sensitive \ Tethered to myself and at times forgetting how long the line is \ The air I hold would collapse into \ If it were not for skin bouncing back and sticking to the surface \ Held air against massive amounts who once gargled dreams of flight \ Holding up the sky where we used to spin off the ground and jump \ Into air like a limitless bed of comfort to escape.

The Future Is A Constant Wake

6:12 min
Collaboration with Michael J Love

Its Extended Remnant

4 :30 min
Commissioned by Gee Wesley via SculptureCenter

Audio mixed by Mike Wyeld