Color Composition

Commissioned by Cage Match Project

Color Composition, a durational installation, consists of a variety of chalk colors that match the general layout of Austin’s landscape that is included in the HOLC-designated areas from 1935 that enforced redlining. Throughout the duration of the installation, weather and natural effects cause the chalk layer to reveal the balloons’ true colors and systemic residues.

In 1928 the Koch and Fowler City Plan proposed the creation of a "Negro District" in Austin, TX which segregated Black Americans to areas with the weakest zoning restrictions allowing a series of systematic development abuses. In 1935 the New Deal program further reinforced segregationist boundaries through on mortgages for Black and Latino homeowners. Working in tandem with the government, the Home Owners Loan Corporation created a map of "Hazardous" and "Desirable" areas.