Bentonville Forecast : In the Square

6:00 min
Filmed in Bentonville, AR at Momentary Residency
Weather balloon, confederate statue, testimonials provided by Sharon Killian, Rachel Lynett, Sheree Miller, and Tonya Jackson.

The Future Is A Constant Wake

6:12 min
Collaboration with Michael J Love

Soil, chalkboard, plaster mold, wood, original text

Its Extended Remnant

4:30 min
Commissioned by Gee Wesley via SculptureCenter
Audio mixed by Mike Wyeld
Grandma's rusted swingblade, chalk mold, soil, chalkline, chalkboard paint, wood engraving of Senegalese woman in rice field from Judith Carney's 2001 Black Rice: The African Origins of Rice Cultivation in the Americas, original text

Shifting Stars

3:06 min
Surgical gloves, styrofoam; soil, rocks, and flora collected from New Mexico, Excerpt from Langston Hughes "The Fire Next Time", NASA Space Recordings, Sun Ra Quartet w John Gilmore "When There Is No Sun"

Blue-American Gods

0:52 min
Filmed at Shandaken Project Residency
Sculptures made while in residency at the Museum of Art and Design
Materials sourced at Thread Senegal Residency
Recordings of my grandma talking about her life via And Let Me Tell You (2014)
Hibiscus, cotton, claymation, Alice Coltrane & Pharaoh Sanders "Stopover Bombay Journey in Satchidananda" 1970, Excerpts from "A Joyful Noise" by Sun Ra

Origin of the Blues

4:17 min
3-D compositing Godfrey Hibbert
Claymation, "Lanquidity" 1978 by Sun Ra, "Huit Octobre 1971" 1975 by Cortex, Internet clips of Harlem circa 1960-70s, Internet clips of Police Brutality circa early 2000s

And Let Me Tell You

18:25 min
Filmed & Directed by Ariel René Jackson
Jackson ventures back home to ask her family why they have decided to identify as Black when they are of mixed heritage. When Jackson goes home, we are exposed to aspects of Louisiana's Creole culture from the perspective of three generations of women.